Whether crafted with sweeping curves or straight lines, our modern sofa designs are made with comfort in mind. From modular sofas to standalone lounge sofas and multifunctional dining sofas, each is offered in a range of beautiful upholstery textiles including durable and tactile linen, cotton and wool-blends. As no two spaces are the same, we also offer bespoke designer sofa solutions that accommodate individual taste. 


2-, 3- and 4-seater sofas 

Our collection of 2-, 3- and 4-seater sofas for the living room, bedroom, dining room and beyond invite relaxation. Comfortably accommodating guests with their welcoming expression and unparalleled comfort, each modern sofa masters the fine balance between a design that fits seamlessly into a space while retaining a sense of character that makes it stand out. 


Minimalist sofas, maximal comfort 

Timeless in its expression, the Tearoom Sofa is well-suited to both period and contemporary settings, radiating elegant yet strict femininity. A study in minimalist luxury, the fully upholstered sofa with a clean silhouette is as appealing to the touch as it is easy on the eye.  

Deceptively spacious design, the Mingle Sofa is ideal in smaller spaces, presenting comfort and beauty in a reduced form. Its armrests embrace the sitter, transforming the small sheepskin upholstered sofa into a cosy place to relax. The iconic Ingeborg Sofa is a 2.5-seater sofa design in plush upholstery, detailed with characteristic armrests, a buttoned back and wooden legs.


Modern designer sofas for contemporary spaces

Eave is a modular lounge sofa that invites creativity and
connection. The perfect blend of style and comfort, its sculpted, modern form
is made with relaxation in mind. The sofa’s distinctive detail is its internal
‘eaves’ – curved upholstered armrests that lend the furniture its expressive
character.  The Eave Collection also includes fixed combinations, including the
Eave Dining Sofa, a softly minimal and welcoming fusion of sofa and bench, and
corresponding poufs. 

The Offset Sofa is the result of a study in balance to create a sofa as simply as possible. A modern and minimalist sofa for a contemporary space, it is substantial yet delicate, understated yet statement-making. Likewise, the simple and timeless shapes of the mid-century Vilhelm Sofa and Constance Sofa make them ideal in any modern home.