Danielle Siggerud

Danielle Siggerud, a Norwegian architect based in Copenhagen, obtained her master’s degree in architecture from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark. Founding her studio in 2016, her practice now operates globally, undertaking projects spanning from London and New York to Stockholm and Paris. Her portfolio encompasses private renovations, restorations and contemporary buildings to interior design, furniture making and smaller objects. Central to Siggerud's work is a keen eye for space and materials, evident in her sensitive and contextual approach. She embraces the essence of built forms, meticulously attending to details from the roughest construction to the smallest interior elements. At the heart of her design ethos lies a commitment to simplicity, achieved through a delicate balance of architectural fundamentals: space, proportion, light and materials. On her approach, Siggerud emphasises that these qualities are not merely sought for their intrinsic value, but as tools to enhance the human experience.

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