Storage systems

Storage systems


Our designer storage systems offer sleek, modern storage solutions with unparalleled functionality. With a focus on both form and function, our storage systems are perfect for any space in need of organisation, maximising space, preventing clutter and putting interior items on display or neatly out of the way yet close to hand when needed.

Zet Storage System

The Zet Storage System is a versatile storage solution suitable as office furniture, a modern bedroom storage or living room shelving unit. Modular shelving provides limitless flexibility and practicality, effortless to put together and easily adapted to any room that needs shelving and cupboards. The customisable storage system features optional back panels and magazine shelves in a variety of materials and colours, further enhancing the adaptability of its minimal-ist design.

Frame Storage System

The Frame System makes use of space horizontally and vertically, offering adaptable modular storage system that can be customised to fit any space. Freestanding storage modules and wall-mounted storage cabinets are made to last from high-quality materials, keeping items organised and easily accessible.