Living Room

A central hub within the home, for family and for guests, the living room is a space for people to come together to relax, socialise and spend quality time together – or simply retreat from the world outside. Its carefully curated ambiance provides a sense of comfort, functionality and belonging.

The modern lines of the Androgyne side and lounge tables bring natural materials into the home.

The Hashira Collection of lighting fixturesfor the ceiling, table and floor illuminates the living room with soft lightfrom minimalist lines.


Designer Flemming Lassen

A timeless icon, the mid-century armchair, The Tired Man, lets you sink into its plush and comforting embrace after a long day.


    The cushioning, curvilinear forms of the Eave Modular Sofa collection ensure total relaxation.


The plinth has long been a much mused-over object. In collaboration with Norm Architects, Audo Copenhagen set out to rethink its uses and to reveal the beauty of natural materials. The result is a series of multifunctional podiums for the home, office or showroom. Handcrafted in Portugal, the Plinth Collection profiles perfectly aligned forms and unique beauty: Plinth Low, Plinth Cubic, Plinth Tall, Plinth Bridge and Plinth Pedestal are equal parts beautiful and timeless as sculptural and sophisticated platforms for a multitude of uses.

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