Dining Room

The dining room is a gathering place to come together and connect over cooking and conversation. Whether hosting a dinner party for friends or enjoying a mid-week meal with family, its ambiance sets the tone for memorable experiences – and it is here where rituals and traditions are upheld.

With its upholstered seat, offered in customisable fabricoptions for a personal touch, the small but perfectly formed Passage Stool provides a comfortable seating experience forextended periods.

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Dine in the comfort of the Harbour Dining Chair, shaped for support when sitting for extended periods.

Set the table in style with accessories such as Bottle Grinder and Wine Breather that lend the functional finishing touches to the space.


Designer Alf Svensson

Create an inviting atmosphere with the industrial elegance of the Collector Chandelier.

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    The Kubus Candleholder creates cosy and intimate ambience with the soft, flickering light of candles.


For the dining room

Modern pendant light