• Audo Concept Shop

Discover Audo Concept Shop, dedicated to offering a unique shopping experience in a showroom space that looks and feels like home.

The Audo Concept Shop is a monobrand store that offers Audo Copenhagen furniture, lighting and interior objects. Step inside to discover the different moments of life through a series of inspiring and intimate spaces created to put in practice the everyday beauty and function of classic and contemporary design. Much more than great design, it is also a space where design meets community – and where the true meaning of how we relate to objects and one another comes to light
in a physical space.

Interior Design Advice

Not just a place to browse, here you can also seek guidance on interior design — from selecting the right upholstery from our inspiring display of samples to finding the furniture, lighting and accessories that elevate a room.

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An extra little touch

No matter if it’s a treat for yourself or for a special someone, we are happy to give the gift an extra little touch and wrap it nicely for you.


Opening Hours

Audo Concept Shop

Weekdays 11.00-18.00

Saturday 10.00-17.00

Sunday 10.00-16.00

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us on audohouse@audocph.com


Audo Concept Shop is located at Audo House in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

Århusgade 130, 2150 Nordhavn