Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling Lighting


Every space requires the right lighting to feel comfortable. Our collection of contemporary ceiling lighting ensures well-lit spaces with beautiful aesthetics. Whether hanging lighting fixtures in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, living room or bedroom, our modern ceiling lights include pendant lighting and chandelier lights that illuminate even the darkest corner of your home. Carefully crafted from a range of beautiful materials, our lighting designs feature the latest modern technology and contemporary aesthetics with timeless appeal.

Modern pendant lighting

The Hashira Pendant Lamp, Cluster is a trio of contemporary pendants suspended from a black textile cord. Adding a sense of understated luxury and calm to interior spaces, the modern ceiling light nods to traditional Japanese lanterns. Available in two sizes, it lends itself to any setting thanks to its minimalist expression and natural materials.

Perfect for placement above a kitchen counter, dining table or bedside table, the Umanoff Pendant light in walnut and brass brings mid-century modern lighting design into contemporary settings. The minimalist ceiling light emits downward light to illuminate surfaces with its glare-free glow.

Large contemporary ceiling lights

The Dancing Pendant has a poetic feel thanks to its elegant, folded shade reminiscent of a dancer’s skirt. Shaped from polyester felt, the lightweight ceiling lamp design provides ambient illumination in a cosy reading nook, in a bedroom as a ceiling light, or above a dining table.

The Chandelier 3 and Chandelier 5 mid-century light designs are part of the Collector series. Shaped from a central band of solid brass, conical metal shades direct the light upwards and downwards to illuminate with ambient light. Small perforations in each shade disperse the light outwards, creating intriguing shadows.

Designed in the 1950s by Alf Svensson and Yngvar Sandström, Resonant is a mid-century pendant lamp in polished brass. The ceiling lamp’s four concentric shades direct glare-free light downwards.