Rugs & Textiles

Rugs & Textiles


Adding the finishing touches to a space, our collection of luxurious home textiles is made from premium materials for a soft and cosy handle. Contemporary rugs are cosy underfoot while plump and tactile cushions and sumptuously soft throws in beautiful colourways up the snuggle factor in the living room or bedroom. 

Our collection also includes pieces made with sustainability in mind. Available in different sizes for use as large living room rugs and small bedrooms rugs alike, they will transform living spaces with their beauty, functionality and quality.

From the home office to the living room, the addition of a rug provides comfort underfoot. Our modern rug designs include the Gravel Rug which represents the values that make a space homely: warm, welcoming and comfortable. 


The contemporary rug is crafted with care from natural wool fibres using an unexpected weaving technique that brings depth and complexity to the design. Up close its soft loops—alternating in size—evoke the feeling of walking on a pebbled beach, but from far away the surface of the rug appears to ripple like a cornfield swaying with the wind. 

The Houkime Rug is a modern cotton rug woven in a ribbed pattern with tencel for a tactile finish. The timeless colour means it works with every interior style, adding elegance and warmth to spaces large and small.


Audo Copenhagen's Cocoon Textile Collection features sumptuous cushions produced in Europe from the finest quality materials selected for tactility. The Mimoides Pillow is a linen cushion that grows softer with time. The yarn-dyed design adds soft comfort and colour to spaces. 

Likewise, the Losaria Pillow is a luxurious modern cushion design in a soft mix of Italian pure wool and bouclé wool, woven with silk in an elegant pattern.