From supportive dining chairs crafted to withstand regular use to versatile benches for additional seating or as storage in hallways to sofas, armchairs and poufs for rest and relaxation, seating is crucial to everyday living, impacting the comfort, functionality and aesthetics of a space.


Audo Copenhagen's modern seating designs offer a perfect blend of sitting comfort, elegant aesthetics and durable, natural materials. Our modern chairs and sofas not only enhance the overall look and feel of a space, but also elevate the level of comfort they provide. Whether it's supportive dining chairs designed to withstand daily use, versatile benches that can serve as both additional seating and hallway storage, or the cosy sofas, armchairs and poufs for moments of rest and relaxation, our comfortable seating solutions play a vital role in shaping the everyday living experience, adding to the comfort, functionality and aesthetics of any space.

Modern sofas with comfortable designer upholstery

Sofas hold a significant role in interior decor, offering comfort, promoting social interaction and enriching entertainment experiences. Our modern sofa designs, whether featuring graceful curves or clean, straight lines, are available in a variety of beautiful upholstery options, including bespoke choices.
The Eave Modular Sofa Collection is a testament to versatility, both in style and configura-tion. This modular sofa design not only contributes to the aesthetics of your interior but also creates space for both solitude and social gatherings. Enhancing the functionality and comfort of your space, Eave allows you to customise and configure end, centre and chaise longue sofa modules to suit your specific needs.

Lounge chairs in minimalist design

The thoughtful consideration of chair design and arrangement is essential to creating a space that is functional, comfortable and conducive to its intended purpose.

Whether creating a cosy reading nook in which to relax or adding reclining cosiness to a living room or bedroom, Audo Copenhagen’s lounge chair and armchair designs deliver the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, with unparalleled sitting comfort and timeless elegance. Designs are upholstered in a range of beautiful leathers and textiles to create a sense of ease in any setting.

Spanning mid-century modern pieces and renowned Nordic design, our Icon Collection of lounge chairs merges traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern technology to create unforgettable pieces of high-quality furniture. One such piece is The Tired Man armchair, an iconic Scandinavian chair design that offers a designated seating area for a private and peace-ful space for reading or reflection.

Designer seating for the dining room

In the dining room, dining chairs play a pivotal role in bringing together friends and family for shared meals and more. Dining table chairs are an essential addition to any kitchen or dining space, made to meet the demands of modern living. Whether you prefer wooden dining chairs, upholstered dining chairs or modern kitchen chairs or counter stools, each is meticulously crafted from natural materials to ensure durability and style.

The Harbour Dining Chair is a modern Danish design suited to a multitude of applications. Designed to encourage lively conversations around the dining table, it offers a wide array of customisation options, encompassing the base, shell, height and upholstery, allowing you to curate a chair to suit your personal style and preferences. Its ergonomic design supports the body's natural alignment to help prevent discomfort during prolonged sitting.