Eave Modular Sofa, 86, Open End

Eave Modular Sofa, 86, Open End

Designer Norm Architects

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Eave Modular Sofa, 86, Open End

Eave Modular Sofa, 86, Open End

Designer Norm Architects

Allowing for total customisation of living and lounging spaces, the Eave Modular Sofa comes in a wide variety of seating modules as well as preconfigured designs. A fusion of timeless style and sumptuous comfort, the upholstered designs feature deep seats and curved backrests.

Great comfort and easy access, the open-ended sofa module adds to the feeling of space and informality in a room.

Available in a range of textile upholstery from our collection, as well as bespoke options.

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Selected: Left end


Selected: Audo Bouclé 02

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Pine, plywood, MDF, steel (spring), HR Foam and
upholstery, plastic, steel


H: 71 cm
W: 129 cm
D: 86 cm
SH: 40 cm
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Aleksandar Lazic Norm Architects

Studio Aleksandar Lazic, based in Denmark, is led by Aleksandar Lazic, who holds a Master's degree in Engineering with a specialisation in product development. This expertise is evident in his design process, where he skillfully balances the visionary aspects of design with meticulous execution in manufacturing. Despite the studio’s relatively recent establishment, Aleksandar has dedicated a decade to developing furniture for some of the most prestigious brands in the Danish design industry.

Aleksandar’s designs originate from a functional perspective – identifying a need and devising effective solutions. With a strong manufacturing background, his visual language is precise and characterised by his thoughtful selection of materials, chosen for their visual appeal, functionality and compatibility with intended manufacturing methods. His material palette focuses on natural materials, which develop their own unique story through patina over time, adding character and depth to the pieces.

His ultimate goal is to create timeless objects that grow more beautiful with use, merging the aesthetic traditions of the past with contemporary ideas about form and function.