Pedal Bin

Pedal Bin

Designer Norm Architects

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Pedal Bin

Pedal Bin

Designer Norm Architects

A well-conceived design whose thoughtful simplicity has made it a favourite in spaces both public and private, the Audo Pedal Bin is an essential part of the Audo Bath Collection. The bin, available in black or white, ties into the collection’s common visual thread of clean lines and rounded edges: a quintessential expression of Norm Architects’ ability to bring softness to modern minimalism.

The lid of the Pedal Bin opens and closes smoothly and silently with a quick push of the pedal. Modern materials – including the powder coated steel body and solar-brushed stainless steel lid – combine aesthetics, endurance and tactility. The removable plastic liner is easy to clean. The Pedal Bin collection comprises the following sizes to match any need: 4 litres, 7 litres, 11 litres, 20 litres and 30 litres. All are available in black and white to match any space. While the design is part of our Bath Collection, it can also be used in bedrooms, kitchens, offices or any other corner.


Selected: 4 liter


Selected: White

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Stainless Steel
Powder Coated Steel


4 liter: H: 31 cm, Ø: 23,5 cm
7 liter: H: 39 cm, Ø: 23,5 cm
11 liter: H: 46 cm, Ø: 27,0 cm
20 liter: H: 63 cm, Ø: 30,5 cm
30 liter: H: 68,5 cm, Ø: 33,5 cm
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Norm Architects

Founded in Copenhagen in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn, Norm Architects specialises in residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography and art direction. The name reflects the studio’s emphasis on drawing inspiration from norms and traditions in architecture and design—particularly the Scandinavian design ideology of timeless aesthetics and natural materials and Modernist ideas of restraint and refinement. Guided by these principles, Norm Architects creates designs that unite materials and craftsmanship while embodying beauty, history and, most importantly, timeless simplicity—with nothing more to add or subtract. A longstanding collaborator with Audo, Norm Architects helps to drive the evolution of the brand and its products with the same fundamental ethos that guides its own creative direction: a simplicity that carries bigger ideas.