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Kubus 8 Raw, Limited Edition

Kubus 8 Raw, Limited Edition

Designer Mogens Lassen

Reflecting Mogens Lassen’s functionalist approach to design, the Kubus 8 candle holder from 1962 is as relevant today as ever. To mark the 60th anniversary of the now iconic design, the Kubus 8 Raw was launched in 2022. As its name suggests, it has been left untreated, acquiring a beautiful patina over time. Undergoing 16 individual crafting processes, the Kubus 8 Raw is made entirely by hand, cut, welded, soldered, sanded and polished using traditional techniques. A single piece takes a skilled craftsperson an average of 45 minutes to make.

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H: 29 cm
W: 23 cm
D: 23 cm
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Mogens Lassen

Considered one of Denmark’s greatest and most influential architects, Mogens Lassen pioneered Danish Functionalism, taking his cues from Bauhaus sensibilities. His interior designs are a natural continuation of his architectural approach and add energy and atmosphere to everyday living spaces and tasks. From decorative objects to larger furniture designs, his designs delicately balance presence without drawing undue attention, finding their natural place in any space.