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Showing personality and offering comfort, our hardworking dining table chairs are made to meet the demands of modern life. They carry you effortlessly throughout the day – from breakfast to dinner and so much more.

An indispensable part of any kitchen space or dining room, the humble dining chair is found in many iterations. Whether crafted with gentle curves or straight lines, low backs or padded seats, our dining chair designs are made with comfort and function in mind. From wooden dining chairs and upholstered dining chairs to modern kitchen chairs, each is crafted to last from beautiful materials.


Many of our dining chair designs come with the option to add or subtract features, depending on intended use and style preferences. The elegant Co Dining Chair is available in multiple versions to ensure total customisation to your needs. Dining chairs with arms – or designs that give you the option to add armrests – offer the ultimate in mealtime relaxation, bettering your posture as they support your body. Stackable dining chairs like the Ready Dining Chair offer space-saving function without compromising on comfort. 


Upholstered dining chairs are a beautiful addition to a dining room, adding colour and texture while aiding the acoustics. The upholstered Harbour Dining Chair is padded for comfort and offered in a range of base, shell and height options that let you customise it to blend seamlessly with your space. The Afteroom Dining Chair comes in a range of versions, each with different features, and with full or partial upholstery. The Co Dining Chair is as versatile as it is elegant: its comfortable form is offered in a range of material combinations that allow you to create the desired expression and experience.


Wooden dining chairs offer a solid construction with timeless appeal, enhancing the look of the room.