New Norm Bowl

New Norm Bowl

Designer Norm Architects

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New Norm Bowl

New Norm Bowl

Designer Norm Architects

In 2010 Audo and Norm Architects joined forces with restaurant Höst in Copenhagen to create something magical. A dinnerware line expressing everything we categorize as “Nordic”. Materials, dishes, glasses, moods, and colors. Everything just fits together to create a complex and inspiring feeling of something urban, yet rough and rural. Something rustic, yet simplistic.

Norm Architects initially designed this special Collection of dinnerware as a profound admiration of one of Denmark’s most prominent painters, Vilhelm Hammershoi, and the unique feel of the crisp and pristine Nordic winds, which served as the main inspiration for the color scheme.

New Norm Dinnerware is isostatically pressed to produce restaurant level quality and reliability. The flexible colors and materials allow you to go classic white and crisp, rough and rustic, or colorful and casual on a whim.

The bowls have separately sold matching lids for the S, M and L sizes, which also double as plates.

Dishwasher and Microwave safe


Selected: 7,5 cm


Selected: Dark Glazed

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rolled and molded


XXS: Ø: 7,5 cm, H: 4,3 cm
XS: Ø: 10 cm, H: 5,3 cm
S: Ø: 13,5 cm, H: 5,8 cm
M: Ø: 17,5 cm, H: 6,3 cm
L: Ø: 21,5 cm, H: 6,8 cm
XL: Ø: 25 cm, H: 7,8 cm
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Norm Architects

Founded in Copenhagen in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn, Norm Architects specialises in residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography and art direction. The name reflects the studio’s emphasis on drawing inspiration from norms and traditions in architecture and design—particularly the Scandinavian design ideology of timeless aesthetics and natural materials and Modernist ideas of restraint and refinement. Guided by these principles, Norm Architects creates designs that unite materials and craftsmanship while embodying beauty, history and, most importantly, timeless simplicity—with nothing more to add or subtract. A longstanding collaborator with Audo, Norm Architects helps to drive the evolution of the brand and its products with the same fundamental ethos that guides its own creative direction: a simplicity that carries bigger ideas.