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Aer Bowl

Aer Bowl

Designer Gabriel Tan

The undulating Aer Bowl in smoke glass brings sculptural appeal to surfaces—whether filled with treats or placed on a surface as a decorative object. Taking its cues from the spiralling movement of air seen through smoke or mist, the dish is asymmetrical in shape, gently tapering to one side, and rippled in texture. When placed close to natural light—on a window sill or table top—it takes on an ethereal feel, where reflections and refractions of light bring the design and the surface on which it stands to life. Each mouth-blown bowl displays different visual characteristics that reflect its uniqueness.

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H: 9 cm
W: 28 cm
D: 22 cm
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Gabriel Tan

Gabriel Tan, b. 1982, founded his eponymous studio in 2016. A design practice working across disciplines and borders to explore new ways to work reinterpret tradition, craft and technology, the studio creates furniture and objects for brands across Europe, the US and Japan. Revitalising local crafting traditions and working holistically, Gabriel Tan Studio combines its background in furniture design with a love of culture. Based in both Singapore and Portugal, the practice also believes in the importance of storytelling, setting the stage for the cultural and social impact a given design has.