• Volume Side Table

A unique blend of aesthetics and function

As a bedside table, side table, stool or pedestal, the Volume Side Table is a versatile design with a multitude of uses. Designer Ted Synnott chanced upon its form while taking a break from brainstorming new ideas by simply doodling cubes. By rounding the edges on a sketch of a cube he discovered that the shape seamlessly tessellated in three dimensions.

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Captivating in its form, at once familiar and novel, the Volume Side Table’s inherent counterintuitiveness invites a closer look. At first glance, it may seem indiscriminate, but upon inspection, a discernible logic in form becomes apparent in its perfect balance of straight and curved lines.

Versatile Design

“I wanted an object that was simultaneously familiar and new. Our familiarity with primary shapes gives it broad appeal while its subtle deviation from expectation piques interest. Because it’s quiet, it lends itself to a vast range of environments and pairs well with many different typologies. It clearly conveys its presence without being central to a space.”
 –Designer Ted Synnott.

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Crafted from aluminium for a sleek and modern appearance, the Volume Side Table is polished to a characterful sheen that enhances its visual appeal. Protected by a layer of lacquer, the low maintenance design is easy to clean and maintain whether used indoors or outdoors.

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