Natural Perfume-Making Workshop with PORCELAIN

We would like to invite you to Audo House for an exclusive Natural Perfume-Making Workshop with PORCELAIN Perfumery.


Since early civilization, scent has been used to create lasting, personal signatures that linger on our skin. Explore the ancient art of natural perfume-making with the founders of PORCELAIN Perfumery. The award-winning brand has been developing gender-neutral, cruelty-free scents from their Danish atelier since 2019.

Founder, Stine Hoff will advise participants on how to design their very own signature scent, using a series of natural, premium-grade materials and botanical ingredients such as rosemary, black pepper, lime, sage and jasmine. Gathering inspiration from the natural world, workshop attendees will be guided through an evocative, olfactory journey of scent and memory.

Each participant will take home their own creation of a Natural Eau de Parfum (10ml).

The workshop will take place in our Restaurant and we will serve a glass of wine and snacks.

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Date: March 20 
Time: 16.30 - 18.30
Price: 1400 DKK
Location: Audo Restaurant 

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