3daysofdesign 2023 at Audo

It was truly a pleasure to witness everyone coming together for 3daysofdesign at the Audo House, sharing their love for design and engaging in insightful conversations and meaningful connections.


Eclectic Enchantment
New upholstery on Audo designs


Our classic and contemporary furniture designs decorating Audo House were for 3daysofdesign swathed in an eclectic mix of upholstery fabrics by Dedar, Christian Lacroix (by Designers Guild) and Kelly Wearstler, among others.

View our upholstery programme

Passages of Life
Audo Concept Shop

Artistic and inviting, the new Audo Concept Shop, curated by Christian Møller Andersen, is an intimate exploration of the home. Discover the different moments of life as you pass through a series of inspiring spaces created to put in practice classic and contemporary design. Discover the Audo Concept Shop located at Århusgade 130, 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark.


Fence Installation
by Colin King and Alex Crowder


Imaginative, sculptural arrangements transformed the Audo Residence's Grand Room into an immersive installation where Stance Vases from our Colin King Collection filled with seasonal flowers became a living lesson in design and botany.

Discover the Stance Vases



Arranging Things
Colin King book signing


At this year’s 3daysofdesign, the New York-based stylist and designer Colin King joined us at Audo House to sign the first edition of his new book, Arranging Things. King also shared his insights on cultivating beauty in the everyday through carefully curated compositions of objects, while Audo’s brand and design director, Joachim Kornbek Engell-Hansen, joined the conversation sharing his thoughts on design, interior styling and their collaboration.

Discover our Colin King collection



A Sense of Community
celebrating a new chapter

Nothing is more precious than human connection and we believe that wherever there is space, there is always an opportunity for community.

On 1 June 2023, Audo Copenhagen was launched by uniting MENU and by Lassen under a single roof. This year’s 3daysofdesign has been the ideal opportunity to inaugurate this new chapter, as we welcomed friends, partners, customers and design enthusiasts at Audo House.

A sense of community empowers us to create better.



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