Summer Pilates with Nordic Strong

Join us for an invigorating Outdoor Balance Class at Audo House, followed by a delightful light breakfast from Audo Restaurant.

Come and enjoy Pilates with Nordic Strong at Audo House. As an added treat, all participants will enjoy one-time access to the luxurious sauna at Nordic Strong.

Led by Nordic Strong instructors, the Nordic Balance class offers a unique blend of Pilates-style movements and targeted exercises that focus on the smaller muscle groups. This carefully designed class gradually intensifies the burn while simultaneously providing relaxation for the body and mind.

After engaging in a series of strengthening and flexibility exercises, the class will conclude with calming breathing exercises, allowing participants to fully unwind and find inner tranquility.

Date: September 10

Time: 09.30 - 10.45

Location: Audo Courtyard

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