Interview with Slouv

We had the honor of sitting down with the Turkish art brand, Slouv and talk about the concept and inspiration behind the collection that they exclusively created for the Audo House.


Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your work?

I was born and raised in Turkey, and after a long educational journey, graduated as an industrial engineer. Throughout my life, I've always had a desire for creativity, transformation and production. I engaged in various jobs in different sectors during my education and also worked in manufacturing fields. After graduating, I took steps towards my true passion and pursued artistic creation. I created my own workshop and embarked on artistic production, which made me feel much more free and aware. The minimalization of my life allowed me to find tranquility and transform those moments into art.


Can you shed some light on how you paved your way as an artist and creator?

To me, being creative is a way to shut out the pressures of the external world. I started painting to establish a deeper connection with both life and myself. Knowing that I will create something when I enter the studio is the most fulfilling feeling for me. I enjoy progressing on this path and witnessing my growth and transformation. While the outcome is important, I also focus on the process itself.


In your own words what characterizes your artworks?

My artworks are characterized by strong, minimalist, natural forms, colors and shapes. Nature has always been my inspiration, and art is a sort of discovery and journey for me. Transferring my current emotions onto the canvas liberates me. I approach my drawings both spontaneously and consciously, purely based on instincts. I don't aim for flawless beauty, and I think the most important aspect is the moments when I create my paintings. It's a magical moment to express myself when I feel inadequate in conveying my emotions, a creative outlet I can resort to.



What inspired the collection that you showcase at the Audo House, 'Boden'?

The collection I showcase at the Audo House, 'Boden,' is inspired by unexpected relationships that emerge between shapes. I created this series inspired by the beauty of different colors and forms. Examining natural beauty and minimal forms is the main theme of my works. Based on this, I created eight different paintings. 


How does your creative work process typically look like? 

In my creative work process, I mainly work with acrylics and compose my artworks on canvases. When forming a series, I start by combining different drawings I've collected over time. I do color experiments and make numerous sketches before I make the final selections. Finally, I combine them with a wooden frame, adding the final touch. Being organized and orderly is important for me, and it allows me to be more productive. Only in this way can I create the space for creativity.


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