Beyond The Surface exploring light and shadow

Conceived and created from a mindset of combining minimalistic abstraction with timeless scandinavian aesthetics, Atelier Plateau's 15 unique art reliefs blend in with the walls to discreetly be a part of the surroundings. still, as the light changes during the day, the walls change - and shapes, colors, and shadow lines in the wall reliefs stand out uniquely depending on the time of day. 

Atelier Plateau is a creative design studio exploring unique, handmade wall reliefs, based in Copenhagen, consisting of architect duo Anne Berthelsen and Mikkel Johnsen. All the art pieces they make focus on the interplay between light, shadow, and textures. With these conditions and depending on the light's movement within a particular space, each wall relief takes on a different expression. Atelier Plateau draws daily inspiration from Scandinavian design heritage and craftsmanship - striving to bring this into the creation of reliefs.

The series of wall reliefs is called Beyond the Surface and is anchored in how we experience surfaces, light, and the elements around us. With the explorations into light and shadow, we encourage the observer to spend time in the space to experience each wall relief's changing expressions as the time and conditions change. The interplay between the wall relief and the surroundings is essential. 

"We carefully study the existing materials, colors, and details of the site so that the surroundings and decor can inform each other. Our reliefs are in dialogue with the rooms they occupy as they change expression during the day, depending on how the light hits each unique, three-dimensional composition.", Mikkel Johnsen explains, and adds: "We are fascinated with the experience the different scales provide to the viewer and how the light travels across large surfaces to create a sense of spaciousness."


Colors and materials

The wall reliefs are made of wood materials painted with eco-friendly paint and plaster. The plateaus have various depths to create different light and shadow conditions in the construction of each relief. The colors are mixed by St. Leo from organic powder pigments, including several unique colors made especially for the collection to ensure complete synergy with Audo House interior palette.


The process

The creative methodology of Atelier Plateau is anchored in a visual atlas of atmospheres, colors, materials, textures, and moments to create a departure point for the 'inspiration' phase. Continuing into the 'composing' phase, the architect duo experiments with forms, focusing on the interplay between light and shadow. From here, the art pieces are developed further in the 'detailing' phase, where the process goes beyond the form alone to a more in-depth exploration into colors and textures. Throughout each step, an attempt is made to maintain the balance of impression and expression subtly.


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