Aterlier Cph Studio Visit

We visited Atelier Cph studio while creating their new collection `assemble`debuting at Audo House on 19th November.


The new collection is based on the concept of manipulating fabrics, resulting in a collection of 28 new art prints. For the 2021 collection ‘Assemble´ we take inspiration from the feminist textile artist movement, which challenges the distinction between textiles and fine art. We do this by embracing techniques that were traditionally relegated to “women’s crafts”, such as sewing and quilting.

Since the first Atelier Cph collection, we have sustained an ongoing experiment with textiles which has greatly influenced our design direction through the years. While abstract in composition, the techniques for this collection vary from hand stitching, sewing, layering fabrics to different folding techniques. All pieces are made from leftover textiles, scraps of yarn from secondhand shops and recycled fabrics, demonstrating an honest use of materials. 

Piecing together materials as a form of collage, the constructed geometric patterns reflect a simple modern expression. We hope this collection inspires you and that these fabric collages will add a new dimension to your walls.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing, tactile universe of ‘Assemble’ until midt December. Visitors will be invited to experience a series of exclusive prints and limited artworks by Atelier Cph at Audo Library. All pieces can be bough in our concept shop.

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