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Brown Clay Vase

Brown Clay Vase

Designer Tora Frogner


The Brown Clay Vase by Tora Frogner's displays an intriguing artistic approach that captures the emotional and atmospheric qualities of nature in abstract form. Presented as an enigmatic and anonymous depiction, the viewer is charged to contemplate the vitality and decay inherent in nature, exploring the complexity of the natural world through the artist’s abstract and unconventional lens.



H: 38 cm W: 39 cm D: 120 cm 

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Tora Frogner

Tora Frogner, a young artist hailing from Norway and based in Copenhagen, is quickly making her mark in the art world with her innovative sculpture, site-specific installations and mixed media works that have been exhibited and sold across the globe. Frogner's collection for Audo House, aptly named Growth, delves into the concept of material limits, contemplating the inherent boundaries and potential of the unglazed stoneware she shapes. Her chosen medium serves as a canvas for the material’s natural variations, where colours and patterns formed by the clay's pigments underpin the beauty that can emerge from working within the confines of a material's innate characteristics. Discover the collection here or at Audo House, Aarhusgade 130, Copenhagen.