Secrets Lidded Jar - Large

Secrets Lidded Jar - Large

Designer Ulla Bang

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Secrets Lidded Jar - Large

Secrets Lidded Jar - Large

Designer Ulla Bang


A significant piece in Ulla Bang’s Shapes Collection, crafted exclusively for Audo House, the Secrets Lidded Jar emphasises soft, organic shapes, unprocessed surfaces and intriguing textures.

Its stippled texture adds a tactile dimension that enhances the sculptural quality of the piece, drawing attention to its shape and form, while the off-white colour adds to its sense of purity, allowing the focus to remain on the form and texture of the jar.

The Shapes Collection is defined by organic shapes, raw surfaces and interesting textures. Inspired by ceramicist Ulla Bang’s fascination with holes as a means to explore and discover the unknown and view the world from a novel perspective, the wider collection invites curiosity and exploration. This sentiment aligns with the artist’s creative process, as her inquisitiveness drives her to push boundaries and experiment with new forms and ideas.



H: 29 cm W: 15 cm

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Ulla Bang

Ulla Bang is a ceramicist renowned for her exquisite handcrafted stoneware. Mastering time-honoured pottery techniques, her creations are rooted the world around her. Finding beauty in the mundane, she translates ordinary objects and patterns into exceptional works of art. The Shapes Collection, a body of work exclusively crafted for Audo House, demonstrates her skill as a ceramicist while showcasing the symbiotic relationship between her objects and the spaces they inhabit. Discover the collection here or at Audo House, Aarhusgade 130, Copenhagen.