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In-Between Moments Nº 05

In-Between Moments Nº 05

Designer Julie Haverkamp


From a collection of artworks created in collaboration with Audo House, Julie Haverkamp’s thought-provoking In-between Moments draws inspiration from the passage of time, the yearning for distant dreams and the exploration of the fleeting moments that happen between past and future. The evocative collection invites the viewer to contemplate the abstract notion of time and the human experience.


60 cm x 80 cm

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Julie Haverkamp

Dutch artist Julie Haverkamp’s upbringing in a creative environment has granted her a unique perspective on the process of creation, the transformation of ideas into tangible objects and the dedication required to bring these creative visions to life. Her early exposure to a mix of artistic disciplines influences her approach to her own creative journey, adding to the depth and richness of her artistic expression. In-between Moments, her collection for Audo House, is an exploration of the abstract concept of time's passage, the notion of reaching towards distant dreams and the elusive and transient moments that exist in between. Discover the collection here or at Audo House, Aarhusgade 130, Copenhagen.